Stuart Jones

JBB Principal Officer

Stuart was elected to the post of JBB Principal Officer in October 2016 with responsibility for all Conduct matters.  He is also the Federation Health & Safety Leader. His full-time role is to deal with Police conduct matters, liaising with the Professional Standards Department, the Independent Police Complaints Authority, and arranging for legal representation for officers… Read more

Steve Taylor

JBB Chairman

Steve was elected to the position of Essex JBB Chairman in October 2016, having previously been stationed at OPC, Boreham. Steve has responsibility for the Essex Federation media and communication strategy and has been instrumental in the setting up of the new website, Facebook group and Twitter account.  As the media face of the Essex JBB, he… Read more

Phil Suarez

JBB Secretary/Treasurer

Philis the JBB Secretary and Treasurer He is in overall charge of the Police Federation in Essex.  He oversees the activities of the full time Officers and the elected representatives throughout the Force. He has a particular responsibility for, and expertise in, Police ill health pensions.  He is an ex-officio member of all the JBB’s… Read more

Trish Morley

Office Manager

As well as being responsible for the administrative running of the office, Trish manages the Group Insurance Scheme for both serving and retired Officers.  She deals with all queries relating to the Critical Illness cover, Personal Accident Insurance, Half and No Pay cover, Life Insurance, Partner Insurance and Casting Benefit. She also provides secretarial support… Read more

Jackie Card

Office Administrator

Jackie is able to assist with Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and personal injury claims .  She also deals with all Rail Travel Concession applications and enquiries. She is responsible for members’ services and deals with all queries in relation to our Travel Insurance.  She also sells Federation memorabilia from her office and can provide details of… Read more